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SIST EN ISO 3834 –2QualityQuality

We ensure the quality of our products with well-trained employees, responsible implementation and control of work operations.
The company has introduced and certified by TÜV the quality system of welding works in accordance with the requirements of the SIST EN ISO 3834 –2 standard. Supervision of the implementation of the quality system of welding works and welding is performed by the IWE welding engineer - welding coordinator and production manager, who also has a specialization in IWE welding engineer.

The company ensures that we procure quality input materials with the appropriate certificates for production, control the input materials upon delivery, and ensure proper handling and traceability of input materials. The same applies to additional materials.

In accordance with the quality system, we carry out regular periodic inspections of welding and other equipment and calibration of criteria at authorized organizations within the prescribed deadlines.

We perform visual, measurement and non-destructive testing in-house or in an authorized laboratory for non-destructive testing at SIJ Ravne Systems.

After a successful final inspection, our products are properly packaged to prevent the possibility of damage during transport.
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