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The family company Tehnovar was founded in 1980. We are focused on the production of welds, components of special-purpose machines and devices according to the customer's documentation.
We also perform mechanical processing and varnishing. Upon request, we also deliver products.
Production takes place in two plants and employs 20 to 25 people. In the first we make welds, in the second we machine them.

Production of welds


Product quality and customer satisfaction are our biggest concerns.

CNC flame / plasma cutter
Machine flame cutter for preparing cutting edges
Automated band saw for cutting material up to 330 mm in diameter
Grinding machine for preparing welded edges
Manual milling machine for preparing welded edges
Varilni aparati Lorch za MAG varjenje
Suction device at welding workstations
Bending press 300 t
Shears for cutting sheet metal up to a thickness of 12 mm, cutting length up to 3000 mm
Straightening presses 150 t and 300 t
Bridge crane 10 t
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Mechanical processing

Stem drilling machine MK5
Radial column drilling machines MK 4 and MK5
Universal lathe POTISJE, maximum turning diameter 550 mm, turning length 2000 mm
CNC lathe, maximum turning diameter 300 mm, turning length 1000 mm
Universal milling machine SACHMAN X = 1800 mm Y = 800 mm Z = 650 mm table 650 x 2000 mm
NC controlled horizontal milling and drilling center SACEM X = 1850 mm Y = 1215 mm W = 800 Z = 1500 mm table 1430 x 1200 mm
NC controlled horizontal milling and drilling center UNION X = 1000 mm Y = 1000 mm W = 600 mm Z = 1500 mm table 1120 x 1000 mm
CNC controlled horizontal milling and drilling center TOS WHN 13 X = 3500 mm Y = 2000 mm W = 1000 mm Z = 1600 mm table 1800 x 1600 mm
Bridge crane 10 t
Cantilever cranes

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